Upcoming CEU

Integrative Oncology for Chinese Medicine Practitioners    Dr. Amy Metecki
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Modern Cancer Care          Dr. Erlene Chiang

Date:     2 April 2017

Time:     9.30am - 6.00pm

Location:  Five Branches University, 1885 Lundy Ave, Suite 108, San Jose, CA 95131

Cost:      $40   Members

              $290 Non-Members

*Lunch is included in the cost of the course

Course Details

April is national Cancer Control month. In honor of those treating cancer, Dr. Metecki and Dr. Chiang will present on an integrative approach to cancer treatment. 

In the morning, Dr. Chiang will share her expertise on the etiology and pathology of cancer, syndrome differentiation of carcinoma and cancer diagnosis and types of treatment. She will provide treatment plans utilizing Chinese herbs and acupuncture as well a discussing the importance of food, nutrition and exercise for cancer prevention. The presentation will end with a discussion on working with patients’ family members and the formation of a health team. 

Dr. Metecki will lead the afternoon discussion with knowing how to communicate effectively with cancer patients and their oncologist using current evidence-based practice models. She will go on to discuss recognizing red flags, reviewing labs and understanding common chemotherapy drug toxicities so practitioners are better able to educate patient and family members. Practitioner will be taught how to understand current drug therapies and common chemotherapy side effects and how to support patients experiencing these side effects. The afternoon will end with case discussions.