Rona Ma - President

Earned her M.D degree in 1981 at Qingdao Medical School, Shandong China and has been working as a licensed acupuncturist in CA since 1985. She is currently the Vice Chair of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies adversary committee. Her mission is to unite all Chinese Medicine practitioners and gather support among the public. She wants develop and promote Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture worldwide in order to better serve people.

Bina Jangda - Vice President (English Dept. Leader)


Juli Zhu - Vice President (Chinese Dept. Leader)

As a graduate of Traditional Chinese Medicine from China, I am passionate and excited to bring my experience to our new association with a vision to bring Chinese and American cultures closer, to work together  for the future growth and education and advancement for all of us now and particularly for our future associates.


Lillian Huang - Secretary General

She has worked as a licensed acupuncturist for 20 years and has been passionately serving the Chinese Medicine community through association activities ever since 1997.  She believes in not waiting for others to nurture and protect our profession, each and everyone of us should has the responsibility to do so.


Victoria Tuan - Political Action Committee

With 6 year experience as an officer in the Chinese Medicine Association Political Action Committee,

I am passionate to work with everyone who is concerned with making Chinese Medicine one of the leading professions to our communities.